The Best Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

To close out our Everything Thanksgiving week, let’s talk about those Thanksgiving leftovers we all inevitably are going to have! Whether you hosted your own Thanksgiving, or attended one (or many), you are bound to have a fridge filled with leftovers of your mom’s world-famous pumpkin pie, enough turkey for endless sandwiches, and [insert your favorite side dish] for days (ours is the high protein garlic mashed potatoes from our Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup).


Although we love these staples, and enjoy the warmth and closeness they provide, we don’t need a Thanksgiving dinner for five nights after! So, to help provide some inspiration for leftover makeovers, we have rounded up a few of our favorite Thanksgiving leftover recipes from our fellow bloggers and foodie friends.


What makes these recipes exciting and desirable are how versatile they can be while being completely different from the traditional meal. If you don’t just make one of the recipes as is (because they sound amazing), each can be adapted to fit whatever leftovers you have been blessed with! Our sweet potato crusted quiche could also fit into this roundup; just use your meat and veggie leftovers in place of the asparagus and leek.


In efforts to reduce food waste, and boredom of repetition, we hope this roundup serves as an inspirational reference to get your creative juices flowing! We sure are looking forward to these recipes as they are a refreshing twist on the Thanksgiving classics. 


If you are hosting your own celebration this year, check out our post on how to host a Fully Nourished Friendsgiving.


1 // Cranberry Turnovers

2 // Roasted Squash Quinoa Salad

3 // Savory Crepes with Thanksgiving Turkey & Stuffing

4 // Sweet Potato Kale Frittata

5 // Stuffing Waffles with Chia Cranberry Sauce

6 // Thanksgiving Pizza

7 // Thanksgiving Shepherd’s Pie

8 // Thanksgiving Turkey Quesadilla

9 // Tortilla Turkey Stew



For an extensive guide on food safety and proper storage of your Thanksgiving leftovers, check out this guide by the Food Network. It is a simple and incredibly useful article that discusses things like proper food temperatures, exactly how long food should stay out, and when it is best to eat leftovers by.


We love hearing about and seeing all of your fully nourished experiences. Comment below and let us know what your favorite way to use Thanksgiving leftovers is! If you make one of the recipes above, capture the yummy moment and tag us at on Instagram


In health and happiness,

Alexandra Rae & Felicia Stewart

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